Tuesday, 15 March 2011

These Boots Are Made For Walking... All Over My Superstitions

Who defines superstition?

Apparently 3 drains are unlucky if you walk across them, but in order to avoid them you have to face other obstacles.

For example; today I’m walking to the nail bar – naive little me – I come across 3 drains and I’ve always been told it’s unlucky to walk over these, so I avoided them by walking in the road. And I nearly got hit by a car. Not just any car. But the car containing an ex-boyfriend and his friends. And yes they beeped their bloody horn. I could still hear them laughing as I realised I had nearly been run down.

"Cringe" just doesn't cut it.

So boots, next time we’re walking all over those 3 drains.

On the other hand… Don’t my nails look nice?
I guess not walking over those drains meant I came home super cautious looking super chic.


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