Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Desk VS. Vanity

One desk.
Two Ideas.
What Story Does Your Bedroom Tell?

I love my desk, it’s a gorgeous glass-topped pine wood table. But what should be on display here?

Should it be my laptop, diaries, books, and stationary? Or should it be my best friend – make up.

I’m a working woman, so I need my inner nerd to be only a reach away – but a working woman still needs to look her best right!?

After switching and changing for many weeks now, I have decided.

Make up can no longer be my soul mate.

[Cue violins]

Your bedroom can say so much about you, mine is filled with clothes, jewellery, scatter cushions, candles and as of late, make up. But I don’t want my first impression on someone to be ‘insecure teenage girl’ (we all know it’s not really what us make-up fanatics are… but that is the way of the world) so I have opted for the smart sophisticated WOMAN. The scatter cushions and candles can stay, but everything else needs to be out of the way of those judging eyes.

So hello bookworm, goodbye MAC.

What story does your boudoir tell?,


NB. This may sound like lots of people come into my bedroom, they DON’T. I just want a cleansed room for a fresh outlook on life, I can’t wear my make-up goggles anymore.

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