Monday, 21 March 2011

Giveaway & Make Up Swap

Hey ladies!

I have noticed that I'm nearly at 30 followers! This might not sound a lot, but I really apprecitate you all! I'm happy having 30 dedicated readers than 549151681 people who don't even know my name!
So to celebrate, I'm thinking of a giveaway when I get to 40 followers. I'm from the UK so is there anything you would like to see included?
I'm going to put it together during the next week or so, with both high and low end products :) so let me know.

Also I would love to do a make up swap with someone!?
Comment below if you are interested and leave me your e-mail address!
Or contact me at

Keep smiling, it's a beautiful day!



  1. Oh, wow. UK! Opportunities! topshop? boots?

    And YES I would do a make up swap. Though I'm unsure what is australia-side that would be desireable to the UK kids...

  2. Yes! There is a lot I could fit into a box for you!

    I'm pretty unaware of what is available in Australia, maybe you could put a few things in which you feel represent Aus, or what make-up you love? :)

    If you want to go ahead with it, e-mail me at :)

  3. I'd love to do a swap! :D
    Email me at ioh92@aol we can talk about makeup-y things!!

  4. Heyy I'm new to blogging so please could you follow me? Thanks :) x