Sunday, 20 March 2011

End To The Weekend

This weekend has been all about chainsaws, cars and the pub.
Not for me, for my other half.
It has been a dull weekend and I've spent most of it sitting in the car like a spoilt brat (ha).

But now I have the evening to myself, which means I can bang some posts out.

So today, I made my way to Boots - determined to find something to sort my skin out - and I had heard some good things about No7's Hot Cloth Cleanser so this was one of the first things I ran for.

I also purchased No7's Natural Blush in 20 Honey, it's a really subtle pink, almost a tan colour but looks really flattering when worn. I'm not really a huge blush fan - I'm too paranoid that I'll look like a hooker. But this one is nice!

...and lastly I got Neutrogena's Visibly Clear Pink Grapefruit Daily Scrub. I haven't heard anything about it & I'm starting a whole new skin routine tomorrow so I will let you know how I get on with this and the Hot Cloth Cleanser. However I can tell you it smells amaaaazing. Almost like those refreshers you eat as a kid. Yummy.

There is still as few more things I want to get, I really want a good brush cleanser and a nice eyebrow pencil, but I don't think £12.50 is reasonable for a pencil!? So it looks like a visit from the E.L.F fairy.
One other thing I have done is chop down a spare mascara wand - I've seen a lot of people have been doing this in light of Clinique's new bottom lash mascara & I thought it made so much sense so I did it myself!
And my god, it is so much easier! I wouldn't pay £10 when I've just done it for free - it's worth doing..

The No7 range isn't something I used to use at all, but now it's what I head for first! I had so many of the £5 vouchers and I've got some really good things out of it.. (Quick Cover Blemish Stick, Cleanse and Care Eye Makeup Remover and a Quad Eyeshadow Palette.) I have one voucher left - any recommendations on what to buy with it?

Hope you all had a lovely weekend! Back to work/school now...


  1. Wonderful tip about the mascara wand I never thought of that you just saved me some cash!:)

    I would so love to hear more and read reviews on any of the no7 brand I have never tried it

  2. Yeah honestly you should do it! It's so much easier and your less likely to poke yourself in the eye haha.

    I'll test out some more products and do a review in the next week or so :)