Wednesday, 16 March 2011

In The Ears

Alexis Jordan - Good Girl
Emily Osment - LoveSick
E.T - Katy Perry & Kanye West

So this week it's all about the girly pop!
I'm kind of fooling myself into thinking it's already Summer, we had about 3 days of sunshine here in Norfolk, and I was wearing the most summery clothes you can imagine, you would've thought you'd slipped and fallen into Southern France in the midst of July!
These songs are so bouncy, cheesy and easy to sing-a-long to, just my cup of tea! :)

So I've decided on a holiday! (I'm so impulsive). As both mine and my boyfriends birthdays have been this month we thought instead of getting each other extravagant gifts we would just use the money for a holiday in a couple of months. Were thinking Turkey, it's dirt cheap and boiling hot - can't ask for more!

Have any of you lovely ladies been to Turkey? I'm basically asking is it safe? ha.

Enjoy the songs, and enjoy your day.


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