Tuesday, 18 January 2011

What We're Loviiiin'

Now we're in the swing of getting more blogs out to you all, we felt as though we should share a few things with you, just a random selection of what is keeping us smiling at the moment <3


MAC Wonder woman collection (didn't want to do a whole post as everyone is!)

Give it to us nowwww!! Along with the Lady Gaga range, that would be peachy.

Our pets <3

Feeling lonely?
Grab your pets and cuddle up in bed with them.

Big fat gypsy weddings

(source: google images)

This programme has been on TV before, but there's a brand new series now. It's fascinating watching someone elses way of life. But although travellers have this image about themselves, watching this programme just changed it all 100% for me. There are so many strict rules within their community (no sex or alcohol before marriage, young girls can't leave the house unaccompanied, not allowed a job) but they obey them all, and when asked they said they wouldn't change a thing about their lives - it left me thinking, they're so happy with their restricted lives but then a typical young english girl is as free as a bird but is always trying to rebel. This is what I hate about England - there's always something people can find to complain about "it's too sunny, it's too cold, it's too dry, it's too wet" I'm just sick of it - take me away, LA/Australia wherever you fancy! OR JUST LET ME BE A TRAVELLER SO I CAN HAVE AN AMAZING DRESS!

How are you guys?
We're house hunting, job hunting, life hunting as always!

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Monday, 17 January 2011

Youtube - Tag: This or that?

Hey guys!
We've finally recorded our first video for Youtube, it' a 'This or That' tag
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Click below to watch the video (:
We had a good time recording it so if all goes well we'll be recording another within the next few days, so go easy on us! Let us know if you have any constructive criticism for us, any videos you would like to see, or your own channels for us to have a nose around!

Saturday, 15 January 2011

E.L.F Haul & Some New Products

  Before you start reading this, the pictures are poor quality as I was in a mad rush to take them before I went to work. I don't even know why I decided to chose that time in which to do it. Duuur!
So please accept our apology :)

So after watching countless Youtube videos of AMAZING make up collections mine looked slightly pathetic, to say the least. This spurred me on to finally do my first E.L.F purchase.
It arrived quickly, they even text me when it was dispatched which I found great. I've always thought E.L.F has come across as a real hit or miss, so this is to let you lovely ladies know how I'm getting on!

My order:
Blush (Innocence, Shy, Coy)
Hypershine Lip Gloss (Vixen, Flirt, Honey)
Lipstick (Classy, Posh)
Concealer (Light Beige)
Nail Polish (Mint Green)
32 Piece Eye Palette

Everything was neatly packaged and in great condition, except this:


It literally made me gag - the lipstick had quite obviously been used, then snapped & came complete with a nice long thick hair! I know it was cheap, but COME ON. It was sealed within all of the plastic, the same as the other products so god knows when it could've happened!
Is it even worth me getting my £3 back?!
Apart from this - the other products are good.


(Innocence, Shy, Coy)

The blushers are in awkward packaging, a slide mechanism that had me scratching my head for a moment. They're fairly powdery & loose when applied, but as I've said before, they weren't expensive so I can't be too unhappy about it! Despite this, they do look nice when applied.

32 Piece Eye Palette

I was very impressed with the 32 piece palette, some colours really jumped out at me, there's a gorgeous gold shade which I can't wait to team up with MAC Gold Reflects!

Lip gloss

(L'Oreal Glam Shine Sheer Cassis, L'Oreal Glam Shine Oriental Fuchsia, Vixen, Flirt, Honey, MAC Dazzleglass Bare Necessity, MAC Dazzleglass Sugarrimmed)
The E.L.F lip glosses are okay, they're very simple so the colours don't seem to stay around for long once applied, also, I find them quite sticky which is never a nice feeling.
The L'Oreal Glam Shine lip glosses are great, the colour just pops! I would recommend buying yourself one of these because they have such a nice feel to them when applied & the heart shaped wand gives great coverage and makes it easier to avoid any mess.
MAC Dazzleglass, well I think you can all predict that I'll rate them highest - it just proves, you get what you pay for!


(Posh, MAC Pink Friday LE, Rimmel Lasting Finish Nude Pink)

The other lipstick purchased from E.L.F is really nice! The only thing I don't like is the packaging. You know when you're young and you get given those £2 lipsticks for Halloween or whatever and they smell and feel like a toy - well that's how I felt about this lipstick, until I applied it and it looked really nice. The colour seems to stay put for a while!
I'm loving lipstick these days, I can't get enough! Which is why I just HAD to have the MAC LE Pink Friday lipstick, you can see where I've swatched how bold it is, it's a really opaque pink & it's by Nicki Minaj so I can't complain!
The Rimmel lipstick isn't really a new purchase, I just forgot how complimenting it is on your lips.

Nail Polish

(Mint Green)

This product didn't impress me at all. This picture was taken after a base coat and 3 actual coats. However the colour is nice once it's been caked on, so I will be wearing it again - just when I have a lot of spare time!

So to conclude, E.L.F was a disappointment - give me MAC any day.

Have any of you had similar experiences with E.L.F? Or am I being stuck up and sensitive to the fact it was so cheap?


Project 365

One of our New Years resolutions was to take a picture every day for a year, we've seen this on other blogs and decided we want to be able to look back on 2011 and have a trigger for our memories. For example the picture above is one of the few we have together from our holiday to Corfu last year :(
This is why we've added a new page at the top to share our pictures with you across the year.

Sorry we haven't been blogging! Had a very busy few weeks (mostly partying) but we will get pictures up and reviews written in no time.
Enjoy your week! 


Friday, 14 January 2011

Outfit of the day - 01

FTDHey ladies, we hit the city last night and we always mean to do an OOTD when we go out but never remember - last night we did!
White top - New Look
Pink vest top - Topshop
High waisted jeans - Topshop
Wedges - New Look
Necklace - Charity shop
Watch - ICE
Stripy top - New Look
Trousers (with attached belt) - River Island
Wedges - New Look
Necklace - Topshop
Sorry about poor quality photos, we were at a friend's flat and were doing our best not to include the bright pink domestos in the corner!
What have you ladies been up to recently? We can't stop partying these days! We'll always be out until the lights are on.

Thursday, 13 January 2011

A very late Happy New Year!


So it's our first post of 2011, as late as it may be, we thought we would kick it off with an unoriginal cheesy new years resolution type post!
A few things we would both like to do this year are:
- Go on another holiday together!
- Get our blog up and running regularly for all our lovely followers.
- Start making youtube videos.
- Get full time steady jobs.
- Shop more, party more and have fun all the time!
Things Alexandra would like to do this year:
- Get to a weight that means I can wear a bikini on holiday without scaring lot's of people ;)
- Start college and actually complete it.
- Don't let silly things make me so angry/upset.

Things Harriet would like to do this year: 
- Move out.
- Convince my dad to carry on paying my phone contract.
- To become more socially flexible.

Not the nicest picture in the world,  but we want plenty more nights like this, this year!