Thursday, 2 December 2010

What's on our wishlist this Christmas?

As girls, our wishlist is always long and detailed, so we've broken it down into what we NEED to get our hands on!

First Up Comes 'essie Mambo'

A gorgeous nude colour from essie, this little ray of summer is something us girls need on our nails to keep those winter blues at bay! I came across this beauty after being linked on to the WAH-nails website, check those girls out they are incredible. But this is a polish they often use and it has such a pristine finish - which is why it is so high on our Christmas list!

Next In Line, Tattoo Cover Ups

Now some best friends get matching braclets, some may have the same top, however both of us at altbeauty have the same tattoo, it's a dainty pink heart outline on our shoulders. Now we've had time for our stupid idea to sink in we'd like to have them covered up! Ideas are all over our heads, Alexandra has ideas of incorporating a guardian angel with ivy to represent her late grandma, perhaps with a rose or scroll also. Whereas Harriet has ideas of a transcript between her shoulders however words and fonts are no where near decided! But we would like to keep them connected to one another, suggestions are appreciated ladies! Altbeauty is in love with tattoos, which is why we would like them around Christmas as a little treat to ourselves.

Pre-Taped Hair Extensions

Cheap, Reliable, Long-lasting, Amazing... any other reasons needed?

Pre taped extensions

These hair extensions are pre-taped (hence the name), the idea is you sandwich them in with your natural hair. They are said to last up to 3 months when installed properly and the top of each weft has a scalp like appearance to help blend in. Both of us would love longer hair, one of us has mid length where as the other has hair roughly 2 inches long! So once we've (probably struggled) to get these in our hair we'll review them and let you gals know if they're worth it! Coming in at £49 for 24 wefts from Heavenly Hair Supplies, it won't be long 'til weve got them!



Michael Kors Glitz Acrylic Chronograph. In Black.

These watches are all over the place at the moment, anybody who is anybody has one. Wether you want the £5 ones sold in the mall or the expensive bad boy - we can guarantee that they complete any look.
This Michael Kors chronograph in particular is gorgeous, look at the detail, the diamantes, the clock hands. So if you're looking at buying a statement watch then look no further, for $211 you can have this clinging to your wrist for years and years. A great price, or great present ey ey Santa ;).

Nars Sheer Glow Foundation

Sheer Glow Foundation

Every beauty blogger/youtuber knows about this foundation. It's been top rated ever since it was released and every girl dreams to have this added to their collection. This is on our Christmas list, we think that it's the novelty of it being a present which makes it so exciting, if you buy it yourself it's just another make up item youve purchased. If someone goes out and gets it for you it's all that more precious! Mummy, we want this :-)

Let us know what you're wishing for!
A competition from altbeauty may make it that more realistic!

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  1. Hi there! A blog run by two friends? How cool is this!! I had to become a follower of course!!

    I love your wish list, especially that Michael Kors watch, which is amazing!!

  2. Hey! Thank you for following (:
    It is a beauty of a watch, we need it!

  3. The michael kors watch is amazing!