Wednesday, 15 December 2010


We are fast approaching the end of the year, and keeping our spirits high when it's this cold is not the easiest thing in the world, especially when we're all feeling ill!





(pictures courtesy of weheartit)

Going on holiday is keeping a smile on altbeauty's face at the moment, we keep reminiscing about our Summer 2010 holiday to Corfu and we think a bit of sun would go down a treat right about now! We're thinking of returning to Corfu again next year, just need to save a bit of our hard earned cash! Pfft!

Christmas is nearly hereeee!! We can't believe how quickly it's come around this time, wasn't it only last week we were shouting about New Year?! Anyway, we've been Christmas shopping, spending a fortune and wearing our little legs out - treating ourselves as well of course ;) but now we just want the day to be here so we can spend it in our pyjamas with a huge roast dinner and the people we love.

Nandos, oh Nandos. Once upon a time the girls from altbeauty went to Nando's for lunch, we were in a hurry as we each had an interview with Hollister (Ha!) so we ordered our food quickly and waited... Next thing we knew the fire alarm was going off and we were standing in the rain! As we were let back in after 20 minutes it took them another hour to fire up the grills (we would order the food that took longest...) and we missed our interviews. BUT we did get free pitta bread, humous, mixed peppers, two meals, four sides and two drinks SO we can't complain! We have some Nando's chicken cheques to get spending! Yummy!

A trip to Ikea in November left us with hundreds (literally) of candles between us, so we've now been closing the curtains nice and early, lighting a candle and watching TV in bed whether it's with each other of partners.

Barry M nail polishes, still got to love them! We've been letting our natural nails breath recently so they've been looking a bit pathetic, luckily we have Barry M spilling out of our drawers!

How are our lovely followers this week?
We've been trying to read all of your blogs, and this one was inspired by Laura, if you would like to read about her Five Things click here.

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  1. great post and lovely pictures!!


  2. I'm seriously craving some chicken and fries and corn after seeing that picture. I wouldn't have even thought to put those three things together. lol

    Thanks for checking my site out, make sure you follow it :)

  3. i wish i was on a beach right now its so cold x

  4. Awww <3 Loved this post! I'm quite loving winter atm, but that ocean looks so heavenly! Really lovely post ladies, should deff do some more 'five things' posts :) xo

  5. @emilie thank you! Got to love weheartit.

    @alee It's soooooo good! Do you not get nandos where you are? You MUST try it! We shall follow you now (:

    @kirstyb We know how you feel! This cold weather and snow was kinda nice to start off but it got old very quickly!

    @Laura thank you! Yeah, sunshine is always more appealing ;) We shall do and thank you for the inspiration!