Friday, 17 December 2010

Fashion fix - Karen Karmody

Hey ladies!

Recently the well loved website ASOS have added 'Marketplace' This is where anyone can sign up for free and sell anything fashion related. When you view an item you can choose to 'Love this' the more times it's loved the higher it goes in the listings. I personally think it's a great idea and the reason we are posting this is to ask if you guys could do us a favour! A very good friend of ours, Karen Karmody,  is a fashion designer she has her own website here where you can purchase her dresses but has also put a dress on Marketplace to see how it goes on there, it's a beautiful long black sequin dress, perfect for this party season! We would really appreciate it if you could 'Love this' here and get her dress as noticed as possible. All of their dresses are handmade and 9/10 are completely individual. They are based in London, so us English girls need to get behind them and support some amazing local talent! As I said any support towards them would be very much appreciated!




  1. Thats a nice thing to put on your blog. Ill go and do it now. :) xx

  2. ou, UR blog is amazing ! :P
    i like it !
    more more !!

    if U want follow me and write comment ;**


  3. @Steph Thank you so much! (:

    @Martienna Thank you! We shall post as much as we can! Thank you for reading!