Tuesday, 18 January 2011

What We're Loviiiin'

Now we're in the swing of getting more blogs out to you all, we felt as though we should share a few things with you, just a random selection of what is keeping us smiling at the moment <3


MAC Wonder woman collection (didn't want to do a whole post as everyone is!)

Give it to us nowwww!! Along with the Lady Gaga range, that would be peachy.

Our pets <3

Feeling lonely?
Grab your pets and cuddle up in bed with them.

Big fat gypsy weddings

(source: google images)

This programme has been on TV before, but there's a brand new series now. It's fascinating watching someone elses way of life. But although travellers have this image about themselves, watching this programme just changed it all 100% for me. There are so many strict rules within their community (no sex or alcohol before marriage, young girls can't leave the house unaccompanied, not allowed a job) but they obey them all, and when asked they said they wouldn't change a thing about their lives - it left me thinking, they're so happy with their restricted lives but then a typical young english girl is as free as a bird but is always trying to rebel. This is what I hate about England - there's always something people can find to complain about "it's too sunny, it's too cold, it's too dry, it's too wet" I'm just sick of it - take me away, LA/Australia wherever you fancy! OR JUST LET ME BE A TRAVELLER SO I CAN HAVE AN AMAZING DRESS!

How are you guys?
We're house hunting, job hunting, life hunting as always!

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  1. The dogs are so cute! x


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