Thursday, 13 January 2011

A very late Happy New Year!


So it's our first post of 2011, as late as it may be, we thought we would kick it off with an unoriginal cheesy new years resolution type post!
A few things we would both like to do this year are:
- Go on another holiday together!
- Get our blog up and running regularly for all our lovely followers.
- Start making youtube videos.
- Get full time steady jobs.
- Shop more, party more and have fun all the time!
Things Alexandra would like to do this year:
- Get to a weight that means I can wear a bikini on holiday without scaring lot's of people ;)
- Start college and actually complete it.
- Don't let silly things make me so angry/upset.

Things Harriet would like to do this year: 
- Move out.
- Convince my dad to carry on paying my phone contract.
- To become more socially flexible.

Not the nicest picture in the world,  but we want plenty more nights like this, this year!



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